Digital City Peterborough

We have a clear goal: to create a digital economy through investment in infrastructure, services and skills, while delivering improved digital services to residents.

Peterborough is a Digital City

A Digital City works with global partners to invest in the infrastructure and platforms that deliver a cutting edge digital experience for all.

A Digital City is focused on improving the lives of its residents through the transformation of council services and systems, to make them more efficient and accountable.

A Digital City invites investment, offers growth and delivers opportunity for people, businesses and investors, now and in the future.


In the last ten years, digital technologies have radically altered the way people work and live. The demands from residents, businesses and other organisations on the communications networks have risen. To meet these demands, the city has invested in the development of Peterborough’s urban infrastructure, to maximise the economic and social benefits of a gigabit, citywide fibre network. This ultrafast network places Peterborough on the map of the world’s most digitally advanced cities, in the company of Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

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Peterborough is now a Gigabit City. We have a citywide, pure fibre network to support a new generation of accessible and affordable gigabit-speed services, helping to revolutionise the way the city does business. The network has been designed to meet the demands of modern local and global businesses. But it’s not only businesses that benefit. Residents within the city and nearby villages now have access to ultrafast fibre optic broadband. Further afield, Peterborough is also working with Cambridgeshire County Council to bring superfast fibre broadband to the wider community.

To find out more, go to Peterborough CORE

"In less than 12 weeks of the announcement that Peterborough businesses could register for gigabit, pure fibre services in 2014, over 450 did so, representing more than 10% of all the businesses in the city." CityFibre White Paper


Investment in Peterborough’s digital infrastructure is enabling innovation and economic and social growth. The infrastructure has allowed us to take control of our digital future, attracting some of the biggest partners and businesses to invest in the city – from business start-ups to company relocations, which, of course, mean jobs. It also means that, as a city, we are able to develop new approaches to familiar services, such as transport, education, health, utilities, and council services.

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The council is working with some of the biggest, most innovative digital companies in the world to transform the way it delivers services to residents and businesses. These companies include:

  • Salesforce
  • Box
  • Amazon web services
  • Okta
  • Walkme
  • Alcove
  • Arcus Global
  • Transversal
  • I3Media
  • PublicStuff (Accela)
  • CityFibre
  • Gigaclear
  • Connecting Cambridgeshire


Digital City Peterborough is becoming a ‘smart city’, seamlessly bringing together people, businesses, utilities, and communities via a gigabit fibre network that empowers and facilitates change. Council offices, libraries, schools and hospitals are already connected and improving the efficiency of services and systems in the community. Improved residential access to richer forms of digital amenities mean service providers can offer enhanced and new services to run over the near-infinite capacity of the city’s pure fibre network. Our gigabit infrastructure is also sure to attract any businesses that rely on data.

Take a look at the work we have delivered under our smart city, Peterborough DNA programme.

"A 'smart city' is the effective integration of physical, digital and human systems in the built environment to deliver a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future for its citizens"

British Standards Institute’s PAS 181 Smart City Framework

"A smart city dramatically increases the pace at which it improves its sustainability and resilience. . .

in order to provide better services and quality of life to those in and involved with the city (residents, businesses, visitors)"

ISO working definition

The impact was immediate in Stockholm – you don’t really realise how much slow internet speeds and internet infrastructure capacity issues hold you back until they’re gone

Fredrik Sand, policy adviser from Stockholm’s Chamber of Commerce